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  1. 1. Lucy (2014)
  2. 2. The Hunger Games (2008-2010)
  3. 3. The Maze Runner (2014)
  4. 4. Alita: Battle Angel (2019)
  5. 5. The 5th Wave (2016)
  6. 6. The Matrix (1999)
  7. Movies like Divergent – Conclusion:

Get Your Action Fix With These Divergent-Like Movies: Ready To Binge-Watch?

Welcome movie gurus! As a true movie enthusiast, I have some recommendations for you if you're looking for more Divergent like movies, based on my own experience this summer! These flicks are like peas in a pod with Divergent - think epic battles, strong characters, and some seriously intense stakes. 

You will find yourself on the edge of your seat as these movies suck you into their post-apocalyptic worlds where anything can happen. So if you're ready for some serious futuristic adventure, grab your favorite snack and settle in for some movie magic with these dystopian ‘cousins’ of Divergent!

1. Lucy (2014)

Lucy (2014) - movies like divergent Source: Venkatarangan

The first dystopian movie like Divergent about the dystopian society that we are jumping into is Lucy (2014). They share similarities in their themes of human potential and the power of the mind. In both Divergent and Lucy, the main characters discover their true potential and gain extraordinary abilities that allow them to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.

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dystopian movie like Divergent - Lucy (2014) Source: Fandango

However, Lucy takes a more science-fiction approach to these concepts, with the eponymous character gaining superhuman abilities as a result of a drug she is forced to ingest. The film explores questions about the nature of consciousness, the limits of human potential, and the consequences of scientific experimentation.

If you enjoy young adult fiction films that explore philosophical concepts, then Lucy is definitely worth watching, I promise! I’ve watched this movie a couple of times and it features stunning visuals and an engaging performance by Scarlett Johansson – my favorite actress – in the lead role.

movies like the hunger games and divergent - divergent like movies Source: Amazon

Furthermore, Lucy is directed by Luc Besson, who is known for his visually striking and action-packed films such as Leon: The Professional and The Fifth Element. His signature style is on full display in Lucy, with dynamic camera work and thrilling action sequences. Overall, if you're looking for a thought-provoking and visually stunning sci-fi film that explores themes of human potential, you should never ignore Lucy (2014).

Critics and audience reviews of the movie:

+ Critics:

  • The New York Times: "Lucy is a stylishly executed action thriller that offers a thought-provoking premise, even if it becomes increasingly nonsensical as the story progresses."
  • The Guardian mentioned: "While visually stunning and featuring a solid performance by Scarlett Johansson, Lucy suffers from a weak script that fails to live up to its initial potential."
Lucy (2014) - divergent like the movies Source: Cultbox

+ Audience:

  • User from IMDb: "Lucy is an exhilarating and visually stunning film. Scarlett Johansson gives a mesmerizing performance, and the action sequences are breathtaking. The concept of unlocking the full potential of the human mind is intriguing. Definitely recommended!"
  • User from Rotten Tomatoes: "Lucy is a thought-provoking and stylish sci-fi thriller. The blend of action and philosophical themes makes it stand out. Scarlett Johansson is fantastic in the lead role, and the visuals are impressive. It's a must-watch for fans of the genre."

Ratings and Metascore for Lucy (2014) from IMDb:

  • IMDb rating: 6.4/10 based on over ‎513,742 user ratings
  • Metascore: 61/100 based on 45 critic reviews
  • Director: J Blakeson
  • Writers: Susannah Grant, Akiva Goldsman, Jeff Pinkner
  • Stars: Chloë Grace Moret, zMatthew Zuk, Gabriela Lopez
  • Duration: 1h 52m

Where To Watch: Hulu, Justwatch

Watch the official trailer of Lucy (2014) here:

2. The Hunger Games (2008-2010)

If you haven't seen The Hunger Games yet, then you're in for a real treat! This movie is like Divergent's cousin from another dystopian mother! Both films share a lot of similarities – they're both set in a bleak future world where society is split into different factions or districts.

The Hunger Games (2008-2010) - movies like divergent
Source: Quirkbooks

In The Hunger Games, the protagonist Katniss Everdeen is also a symbol of teenage rebellion, fighting against a corrupt system that forces children to fight each other to death. But what really sets them apart is their kick-ass female leads who aren't afraid to stand up for themselves and fight for what's right.

divergent like movies - The Hunger Games (2008-2010) Source: Media.snl
Moreover, the main actress - Jennifer Lawrence - shines in the film as well. She was named the sexiest woman on the planet in 2014 by the prestigious British men's magazine FHM. With her alluring youthful beauty, strong temperament, and exceptional performance showcasing a wide range of emotions from joy and happiness to hatred and determination, Jennifer Lawrence delivers outstanding performance through intense action sequences that are sure to impress.
ystopian movie like Divergent - The Hunger Games (2008-2010) Source: Ytimg

So if you're into beautiful, strong women, heart-pumping action, and some seriously intense drama, then grab some popcorn and buckle up for The Hunger Games – one of the best movies like Divergent I’ve ever watched!

Critics and audience reviews of the movie:

+ Critics:

  • The New York Times: "An electrifying and thought-provoking adaptation of Suzanne Collins' novel. Jennifer Lawrence's performance as Katniss Everdeen is remarkable, capturing the character's fierce determination and vulnerability. Director Gary Ross masterfully brings the dystopian world to life, creating a visually stunning and emotionally resonant experience."
  • Variety: "The Hunger Games takes YA storytelling to new heights. Jennifer Lawrence shines as the courageous and relatable Katniss. The film's social commentary and intense action sequences are skillfully balanced, making it a compelling watch. Director Gary Ross' vision and the strong ensemble cast elevate this adaptation to must-see status."
The Hunger Games (2008-2010) - movies like the hunger games and divergent Source: Nova

+ Audience:

  • User from IMDb: "Wow, 'The Hunger Games' was an adrenaline-packed thrill ride from start to finish! The action sequences were intense, and Jennifer Lawrence's portrayal of Katniss Everdeen was simply outstanding. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire film, and it left me wanting more. Definitely one of the best dystopian movies I've ever seen!"
  • User from Rotten Tomatoes: "As a fan of the book series, I had high expectations for 'The Hunger Games' movie adaptation, and it did not disappoint. The filmmakers managed to capture the dark and gritty atmosphere of the books perfectly. The performances were superb, especially by Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. The movie was emotionally gripping, and it had me hooked from beginning to end."

Ratings and Metascore for The Hunger Games (2008-2010) from IMDb:

  • IMDb rating: 7.2/10 based on over 951,398 user ratings
  • Metascore: 76/100 based on 49 critic reviews
  • Director: Luc Besson
  • Writer: Luc Besson
  • Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Choi Min-sik
  • Duration: 1h 29m

Where To Watch: Hulu, Netflix

Watch the official trailer of The Hunger Games (2008-2010) here: 

3. The Maze Runner (2014)

If you're a big fan of Divergent, then you absolutely should not skip The Maze Runner. This movie is like a wild roller coaster ride that'll have you holding on for dear life and screaming with excitement.

The Maze Runner (2014) - movies like the hunger games and divergent
Source: Beckysblogs

Both Maze Runner and Divergent are popular young adult dystopian novels that have been adapted into successful film franchises. While the two stories have their own unique plotlines and characters, there are a few similarities between them.

The Maze Runner (2014) - divergent like movies Source: Moriareviews

For example, both Maze Runner and Divergent are set in a future world where society has been divided into factions or groups based on certain characteristics or skills. The protagonists of both stories are teenagers who find themselves questioning the rules and systems of their respective societies, and ultimately becoming instrumental in bringing about change.

If you enjoyed the fast-paced action, suspenseful plot, and engaging characters, then, Maze Runner is definitely worth checking out.

The Maze Runner (2014) - dystopian movie like Divergent Source: ltrbxd
Like Divergent, Maze Runner features a group of teenagers fighting against a corrupt system and trying to uncover the truth behind the world they live in. The movie also boasts some impressive special effects and intense chase scenes, making for a thrilling viewing experience. Overall, if you're a fan of the young adult dystopian genre or just looking for an exciting and thought-provoking film, I recommend watching Maze Runner.
The Maze Runner (2014) movies cast Source: Jordanandeddie

The story moves so fast that you'll be gasping for air as you try to keep up with all the action. And the characters? Trust me, you won't be able to take your eyes off them. So if you want to experience another heart-pumping action adventure like Divergent, just prepare to be blown away by The Maze Runner.

Critics and audience reviews of the movie:

+ Critics:

  • The New York Times: 'The Maze Runner' blends mystery and suspense to create an engaging film that stands out in the crowded young adult genre. While it stumbles with pacing at times, the strong ensemble cast and impressive visual effects make it worth a watch. Director Wes Ball maintains a tense atmosphere throughout, leaving audiences enthralled by the enigmatic maze and its secrets."
  • "'The Maze Runner' embraces the conventions of the young adult genre without offering many surprises. While the film boasts solid performances and impressive visuals, it struggles to rise above its predictable plot. Director Wes Ball provides some exciting moments, but the lack of originality prevents 'The Maze Runner' from truly standing out in a crowded field."
divergent like movies - The Maze Runner (2014)

+ Audience:

  • User from IMDb: "Having read the book before watching the movie, I was skeptical about how well it would be adapted. But 'The Maze Runner' exceeded my expectations. The visuals were stunning, and Dylan O'Brien's portrayal of Thomas was spot-on. The pacing was perfect, keeping the tension high throughout. It's a gripping film that will keep you guessing until the very end."
  • User from Rotten Tomatoes: "'The Maze Runner' is a thrilling sci-fi movie that had me captivated from start to finish. The concept of the maze and the suspenseful plot twists kept me on the edge of my seat. The chemistry between the cast members was fantastic, and the action sequences were adrenaline-pumping. If you're a fan of dystopian stories with a dash of mystery, this movie is a must-watch!"

Ratings and Metascore for The Maze Runner (2014) from IMDb:

  • IMDb rating: 6.8/10 based on over 485,612 user ratings
  • Metascore: 57/100 based on 34 critic reviews
  • Director: Gary Ross
  • Writers: Gary Ross, Suzanne Collins, Billy Ray
  • Stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth
  • Duration: 2h 22m

Where To Watch: JexmovieJustwatch

Watch the official trailer of The Maze Runner (2014) here:

4. Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

Alita: Battle Angel is also one of the best Divergent like movies that any fan of action movies, especially Divergent should not skip at all costs! This movie is an adrenaline-fueled adventure that will have you perched on the precipice of your seat from beginning to end.

divergent like movies - Alita: Battle Angel (2019)
Source: Cameronmoviesandtv

Just like Divergent, Alita: Battle Angel follows a young woman named Alita who is thrown into a dangerous world where she must fight to survive. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic dystopia where cyborgs and humans coexist, but not always peacefully.

Alita: Battle Angel (2019) - movies like divergent Source: Onecms

Alita is a cyborg with incredible fighting skills, and she uses them to take on corrupt forces that threaten her life and the lives of others. The action scenes in this movie are off-the-charts amazing, and the special effects will blow your mind. And similar to Divergent, Alita: Battle Angel has a strong female lead who isn't afraid to stand up for what's right.

So if you are fond of Divergent, then you won't want to miss out on Alita: Battle Angel. It's a must-watch for anyone who loves a good thrill ride, I promise!

Alita: Battle Angel (2019) - dystopian movie like Divergent Source: flickeringmyth

Critics and audience reviews of the movie:

+ Critics:

  • The New York Times: "With its breathtaking visuals and a standout performance by Rosa Salazar, 'Alita: Battle Angel' is a visually stunning spectacle that immerses viewers in a richly realized cyberpunk world. While the plot occasionally feels overstuffed, director Robert Rodriguez delivers thrilling action sequences and explores thought-provoking themes of identity and self-discovery. It's a visual feast that leaves a lasting impression."
  • The Hollywood Reporter: "Director Robert Rodriguez brings the beloved manga to life with stunning visuals and an engaging performance by Rosa Salazar as the cybernetic heroine. 'Alita: Battle Angel' is a technical achievement, seamlessly blending live-action and CGI. While the story may feel familiar and the pacing uneven, the film's dazzling action set pieces and heartfelt moments make it a worthwhile cinematic experience."
Alita: Battle Angel (2019) - movies like the hunger games and divergent Source: Defilmkijker

+ Audience:

  • User from IMDb: "Alita: Battle Angel is a visually stunning and action-packed sci-fi spectacle. It's a must-watch for fans of the manga and anyone looking for an epic cyberpunk adventure."
  • User from Rotten Tomatoes: "Alita: Battle Angel exceeded my expectations on every level. The visual effects are mind-blowing, and the attention to detail in creating the futuristic world is impressive. A fantastic blend of sci-fi, action, and emotion."

Ratings and Metascore for Alita: Battle Angel (2019) from IMDb:

  • IMDb rating: 7.3/10 based on over ‎280,226 user ratings
  • Metascore: 53/100 based on 49 critic reviews
  • Director: Wes Ball
  • Writers: Noah Oppenheim, Grant Pierce Myers, T.S. Nowlin
  • Stars: Dylan O'Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Will Poulter
  • Duration: 1h 53m

Watch the official trailer of Alita: Battle Angel (2019) here:

Where To Watch: Justwatch, Hulu

5. The 5th Wave (2016)

  • IMDb rating: 5.2/10
  • Director: Robert Rodriguez
  • Writers: James Cameron, Laeta Kalogridis, Yukito Kishiro
  • Stars: Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly
  • Duration: 2h 2m

Are you a fan of the heart-racing, dystopian world of Divergent? Are you craving more movies that will give you that same adrenaline rush? If you want another action-packed movie marathon and are looking for the best Divergent-like movies, then The 5th Wave will definitely blow your mind away!

divergent like movies - The 5th Wave (2016)
Source: Tmsimg

This movie is like the cool cousin of Divergent, and they have so much in common. Both movies are set in dystopian worlds where the government is super messed up, and the young protagonists are fighting against the system. Plus, they both have badass female leads who kick major butt!

The 5th Wave (2016) - movies like divergent Source:

The 5th Wave is worth watching for its unique concept of an alien invasion divided into five waves, each deadlier than the previous one. The main character, Cassie Sullivan (played by Chloe Grace Moretz), is a strong and resourceful girl trying to survive in a world ravaged by the invasion.

The movie is full of suspense with well-developed characters and compelling twists and turns. Stunning visual effects and top-notch cinematography make it exciting to watch, while themes of survival, trust, loyalty, and what it means to be human add depth to the story.

The 5th Wave (2016) - dystopian movie like Divergent Source: Dailybruin

Overall, The 5th Wave is a must-watch action flick that goes beyond the genre's usual tropes.
In short, just like ‘Divergent’, The 5th Wave is all about survival, trust, and finding your inner strength. Sound familiar? So, if you're looking for a movie that'll give you similar vibes to Divergent, then The 5th Wave is totally your jam!

Critics and audience reviews of the movie:

+ Critics:

  • Entertainment Weekly: "Despite its promising premise and a solid performance by Chloë Grace Moretz, 'The 5th Wave' struggles to rise above typical young adult fare. The film suffers from inconsistent storytelling and a lack of character development, leaving little emotional investment for the audience. While it has moments of excitement, it ultimately feels like a pale imitation of superior entries in the genre. Fans of the book may be disappointed by this adaptation."
  • The Hollywood Reporter: "The 5th Wave' is a disappointing adaptation that fails to capture the depth and nuance of its source material. The action sequences are uninspired, and the plot feels derivative of other young adult dystopian films. It's a missed opportunity to bring an intriguing concept to life on the big screen."

6. The Matrix (1999)

Last but not least, The Matrix is also another perfect movie to explore for those who love Divergent and other movies with a similar storyline. The movie's main premise involves the idea that humanity is living inside a simulated reality, created by intelligent machines who have taken over the world.

The Matrix (1999) - dystopian movie like Divergent
Source: fiu-original

This concept was heavily influenced by philosophical and scientific theories about the nature of reality, including Plato's Allegory of the Cave and the work of physicist John Wheeler.

The Matrix (1999) - movies like divergent Source: media.npr

+ Audience:

  • User from IMDb: "I thoroughly enjoyed 'The 5th Wave'! Chloë Grace Moretz delivers a compelling performance, and the film keeps you on the edge of your seat with its suspenseful storyline. The action sequences are intense, and the visual effects are impressive. It's an engaging sci-fi thriller that will keep fans of the genre entertained."
  • User from Rotten Tomatoes: "'The 5th Wave' was a letdown for me. Despite the strong cast, the film felt like a generic and predictable young adult adaptation. The pacing was uneven, and the characters lacked depth. While there were some exciting moments, overall it failed to live up to its potential. I'd recommend it only to die-hard fans of the book."

Ratings and Metascore for The 5th Wave (2016) from IMDb:

  • IMDb rating: 5.2/10 based on over ‎113,647 user ratings
  • Metascore: 33/100 based on 30 critic reviews

Watch the official trailer of The 5th Wave (2016) here: 

Where To Watch: Justwatch, Netflix

The film's groundbreaking visual effects were designed to convey the sensation of being inside a computer program, with bullet time, slow-motion photography, and digital animation techniques used to create iconic action sequences.

The movie features a number of nods to other works of science fiction, including William Gibson's novel "Neuromancer," which popularized the term "cyberspace," and the anime series "Ghost in the Shell," which explored similar themes about the relationship between humans and technology.

The Matrix (1999) - movies like the divergent Source: Amazon

The character of Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, was specifically designed to be relatable to young men who grew up in video games and comic books. His transformation from office drone to cyber-superhero represents the ultimate power fantasy for many viewers.

The film's underlying message about individuality and freedom resonated with audiences around the world, particularly in China, where it became one of the most popular foreign films of all time.

The Matrix (1999) movies cast - movies like divergent Source: Syfy

So, why is it similar to Divergent, you ask? Both movies deal with the concept of reality being different from what we think it is. A common theme in The Matrix and Divergent is exploring reality, control, and freedom. Moreover, the lead characters in both stories come to grips with the realization that their world is not as it appears. They also ally with resistance factions to fight against their oppressors.

In Divergent, the main character Tris learns that her world is not as black and white as she once thought, while in The Matrix, Neo discovers that everything he knows is just a simulation created by machines. Plus, both movies have some crazy action scenes that'll leave you breathless. Trust me, if you haven't seen The Matrix yet, you're missing out!

The Matrix (1999) movies cast - divergent like movies Source: Foxtel

Critics and audience reviews of the movie:

+ Critics:

  • The New York Times: "'The Matrix' is a mind-bending masterpiece that revolutionizes the science fiction genre. The Wachowski siblings masterfully blend stunning visuals, philosophical themes, and exhilarating action sequences. Keanu Reeves delivers a career-defining performance as Neo, and the film's innovative bullet time technique remains iconic. It's a thought-provoking and visually groundbreaking film that has left an indelible mark on cinema."
  • Variety: "With its groundbreaking visual effects and bold storytelling, 'The Matrix' pushes the boundaries of the sci-fi genre. The Wachowskis deliver a thrilling and intellectually stimulating experience that challenges traditional notions of reality. Keanu Reeves brings a perfect mix of vulnerability and strength to his role, while the film's stylish action sequences leave audiences in awe. 'The Matrix' is a game-changer that has forever shaped modern cinema."
The Matrix (1999) movies cast - dystopian movie like Divergent Source: nme

+ Audience: 

  • User from Letterboxd: "Wow, 'The Matrix' blew my mind! The concept is mind-bending, and the action sequences are absolutely incredible. Keanu Reeves gives a stellar performance as Neo, and the visual effects still hold up even after all these years. It's a groundbreaking sci-fi film that will leave you questioning reality."
  • User from Twitter: "'The Matrix' is an absolute classic! The blend of philosophy, martial arts, and stunning visuals makes it a true cinematic experience. Keanu Reeves nails the role of Neo, and Laurence Fishburne brings a commanding presence as Morpheus. The story is gripping, and the iconic bullet time scenes are unforgettable. A must-watch for any sci-fi fan!"

Ratings and Metascore for The Matrix (1999) from IMDb:

  • IMDb rating: 8.7/10 based on over ‎1,965,469 user ratings
  • Metascore: 73/100 based on 35 critic reviews
  • Director: J Blakeson
  • Writers: Susannah Grant, Akiva Goldsman, Jeff Pinkner
  • Stars: Chloë Grace Moretz, Matthew Zuk, Gabriela Lopez
  • Duration: 1h 52m

Watch the official trailer of The Matrix (1999) here: 

Where To Watch: Justwatch, Warnerbros

Movies like Divergent – Conclusion:

In short, if you loved like dystopian movies like Divergent, then it's really lucky for you- there are plenty of Divergent-like movies out there with a similar vibe (as I introduced above)! These action-packed adventures are filled with daring heroes, thrilling plot twists, and heart-pumping moments that are sure to keep you entertained from start to finish.

So, why not prepare some snacks, gather your friends, and get ready for a wild ride? Whether you're looking for something new and exciting or just want to revisit an old favorite, these suggestions are sure to satisfy your craving for adventure. Hurry up and let's have fun! If you want more attractive and interesting information about celebrities and movies, just stop by our homepage.

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